Christoph Binkert, MD, MBA - Interventional Radiologist, Winterthur, Switzerland
Advancing new radial pathways for embolic therapies in interventional radiology
"Every day, I see the differences we can make for our patients. A transradial approach can get patients back on their feet almost immediately, and may reduce complication rates as well."

Since completing his fellowship over 15 years ago, Dr. Binkert has grown more and more passionate about the role of interventional radiology in changing patient care. In his practice, Dr. Binkert performs a wide spectrum of procedures, and enjoys the opportunity he has to treat patients and oversee their follow-up care.

Among the spectrum of procedures he performs, Dr. Binkert is especially interested in the capabilities of embolization therapy. From treating liver cancer with radioembolization, chemoembolization, or bland embolization to reducing uterine fibroids with UFE, Dr. Binkert brings a consultative approach, establishing a relationship with the patient and the entire medical care team.

Dr. Binkert has also been a significant figure at the forefront of the movement to advance the radial approach. Noting improved haemostasis and faster recovery time, he has worked diligently to perfect the technique and educate the community about its advantages.

Prof. Dr. Med. Christoph A. Binkert is the Director of Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine (Direktor Institut für Radiologie und Nuklearmedizin) at Kantonsspital Winterthur, Winterthur, Switzerland. He is the Chief Physician of Radiology (Chefarzt Radiologie). Dr. Binkert serves as the CIRSE Scientific Programme Committee Deputy Chairperson.

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